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Harmonization of KYC across the SEBI regulated intermediaries is a path breaking initiative of SEBI. It is aimed to eliminate duplication of KYC efforts which a customer has to undergo while dealing with multiple intermediaries like Mutual Funds, PMS, Alternative Investment Funds, Brokers, Depository Participants, etc.

The KYC registration Agency (KRA) maintains KYC records of the investors centrally, on behalf of capital market intermediaries registered with SEBI, eliminating the need to repeat KYC.

Hitherto, investors had to complete a KYC process as and when they interact / open an account with any SEBI Registered Intermediary like a DP, Mutual Fund, broker etc. and submit the relevant KYC documents, requirements of which may vary from intermediary to intermediary. This lead to duplication of effort. With a view to eliminate such duplication of the KYC process for investors and to have a uniform KYC process across SEBI registered intermediaries, SEBI has introduced the concept of KYC Registration Agency [KRA]. This will enable an investor to invest/trade through various intermediaries, after undergoing the KYC process only once through any intermediary. Additionally, any subsequent changes in investor static / demographic information of an investor across various SEBI registered intermediaries can be made by giving a single request to the KRA through one of the registered intermediaries.

CAMS Investor Services Pvt. Ltd. ( CISPL) , a wholly owned subsidiary of CAMS, was accorded license in June 2012 to serve as a KRA. CISPL launched CAMS KRA in early July 2012 to implement common KYC across SEBI regulated intermediaries.

Promoted by CAMS, a registered Intermediary with SEBI since 1993 serving close to 69.7% of the Mutual Fund Industry's Assets, CAMS KRA will derive experience and value from its parent company to deliver professional, measurable services to clients and intermediaries.

CAMS KRA technology provides for processing, storing and retrieving of KYC documents and interface capabilities with intermediaries and other KRAs. CAMS KRA is also committed to implementing regulatory changes consistently and ensuring compliance while carrying out the functions of KYC Registration Agency.

CAMS KRA - CAMS is positioned to render One-stop KYC services for Mutual Funds serviced at its pan India network of 278 service centers. Both first time Mutual Fund investors and investors with existing folio can get your KYC completed as per latest KYC regulations effective Jan.1st 2012 with CAMS KRA KYC forms.

One-stop KYC services from CAMS KRA also facilitates MF investors to update any changes to their KYC records.

Besides Mutual Funds, CAMS KRA also serves other SEBI regulated intermediaries to ensure efficient, hassle-free on-boarding experience to their clients.

Image based technology, real time connectivity of it’s pan India service centers bring speed and efficiency to CAMS KRA services. CAMS KRA uses proven methods for creating and maintaining accurate KYC data.

CAMS KRA Online Services for Clients

  • KYC Status Enquiry
  • Forms download
  • FAQ

CAMS KRA Online services for Intermediaries

  • Verify availability of PAN in CAMS KRA or other KRAs (Inter-operability).
  • Upload of New KYC data
  • Enter data for New KYC applicant
  • Scan and upload KYC documents
  • Packing List for KYC document dispatch
  • Request to consume data of a client whose KYC is completed by another intermediary ( launching soon )
  • Download clients’ data maintained by CAMS KRA
  • View of clients’ data maintained by CAMS KRA
  • Upload/ Download of KYC data changes